Tuesday, March 26, 2013

quick link: bring your feminist self to work

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I'm not feeling the slightest bit inspired to write anything lately, so check out Bring Your Feminist Self to Work (Every) Day, a really interesting article about being a feminist in a male-dominated professional space. 
First and foremost, you have to overcome your own inevitable sense of “imposter syndrome,” take up space, and speak up. When I’m at a meeting in an intimidating place with what I perceive to be lots of smart, successful people, especially if the room is mostly populated by men, I force myself to say something at least once. It doesn't have to be right away (sometimes I gain courage by listening and observing first), but I can’t leave the room without contributing something. That’s not just for my own advancement; it also helps the team get used to hearing women’s voices and perspectives, in general.
The above concept really stood out for me - the idea of making sure, as a women, to say / contribute something, especially when the environment seems intimidating. Not only is this good for being recognized professionally, this also helps others get used to hearing a woman voice her perspectives and opinions in a male-dominated professional environment. I have taken this to heart and have forced myself to speak up regularly at round-table meetings at my job. It's been less than three weeks and I already see a significant shift in how I feel about my own agency in my job, and how some of my colleagues perceive me and my contributions. People who used to act like they didn't find me particularly important or valuable are taking the time to engage with me on professional and personal levels. All that from less than three weeks of trying to get over my own sense of intimidation.

Feminism for the win (again).

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