Tuesday, November 19, 2013

nursery to-do list

I am 6.5 months pregnant and the nursery is not finished. I know this is normal, and that most people don't get the nursery done until weeks, if not days, before the baby decides to make his or her appearance. But I am Type A neurotic and a planner, so this is generally unacceptable to me. Don't worry; The Husband tells me I am crazy on a daily basis.

Our list:
  • Donate clothes and other items that are taking up our limited storage space. Move items to our teensy garage.
  • Get rid of extra dresser and set up large drawers in nursery closet for The Husband's clothes.
  • Ikea trip for a solid wood unfinished crib, armchair (update: we got this armchair instead; way more comfortable AND cheaper), and small laptop table (update: we got this laptop table instead because it's more stable). Possibly purchase some new nightstands to make room for the cosleeper in our bedroom.
    • Survive putting all these items together. Hope that the instructions do not drive The Husband and I to divorce.
    • Paint wood crib with no-VOC white paint and seal with water-based acrylic gloss in order to prevent paint peeling and chipping, especially from baby teeth.
    • Attach glider / rocker base to armchair to make it a glider chair, as shown here.
    • Paint metal portions of laptop table gold, or use gold leaf. Accept that the laptop table you purchased instead will not be pretty, but it is also sturdy enough to not fall on your child's head.
      • Give away current desk.
  • Find a place to move the beloved lingerie dresser / craft cabinet (bedroom or living room?)
  • Purchase blackout roller shades in white.
  • Purchase cheapo white curtains. Realize you did not buy enough while at Ikea. Purchase more from their website. Remove hideous finials and paint curtain rods that came with the house.
  • Purchase long dresser to double as changing table.
    • Fill hardware holes, sand, and repaint. Drill new holes for knobs.
    • Attach cute knobs that aren't baby death traps.
    • Line drawers.
    • Secure changing pad to top of dresser.
  • Cut, fold, and glue colorful cardstock paper shapes to make mobile. Hang from painted embroidery hoops. Make one for over crib, one for over changing table.
  • Paint walls and trim with no-VOC paint.
  • Figure out storage and organization for diaper supplies (on top of dresser? Install wall shelves above baby's reach?).
  • Get some sort of cute storage bin or basket for toys.
  • Find and purchase inexpensive art and frames.
  • Sew throw blanket / toddler bed-sized comforter.

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