Saturday, October 5, 2013

eat your way through brooklyn

My trip to NYC with the husband in mid-September was probably one of my favorite vacations ever. We rented an apartment through Airbnb to save a ton of money on lodging and have a full home base. It was the cutest studio apartment in a great part of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and the girl we rented it from was the sweetest person ever with the best food and shopping recommendations. Shoot me an email if you're interested in staying there and I'll give you the scoop!

We did plenty of the cultural / touristy things one normally does in NYC, so I'll spare you the details on that stuff and go straight to my favorite part of the trip (and life): EATING.

(beautiful picture of beet & apple soup stolen from Brooklyn Soup Club)

Diner is an awesome little restaurant that was right around the corner from our apartment. Their menus change daily, which is fun. The Husband and I went there with our friend (who is a private chef! how cool is that?!) on our first full day in NYC, and all three of us were really impressed by our food. I am also committed to reproducing their beet and apple soup here at home one day soon, it was that tasty. Recipe will be posted here if I ever figure it out.

Cafe Mogador was where we experienced NYC brunch. NYC-ers do not mess around when it comes to brunch, and this place was to die for. The Bloody Marys (virgin!) were nice and spicy, and the food cooked perfectly. This was also the only place in Williamsburg where the service wasn't overly awkward and hipster. The Halumi Eggs plate was probably the tastiest breakfast I have ever eaten. This place is a must.

Before getting pregnant, I would not have touched fried chicken with a ten foot pole. This hippie health food snob has changed (The Husband thinks it's for the better). The Husband and I grabbed a late dinner with some friends at Pies N Thighs, where I had my first experience with a variety of soul food. Lest you think that my inexperienced palate may not know what good Southern cooking is, our friend who grew up in Virginia came with us to this restaurant and pronounced the food to be marvelous and authentic. Between the 5 of us who went, we ordered pretty much everything on the menu. And I learned that fried pickles are truly the best thing ever. They also have tall boy cans of Budweiser on the menu. Virginia boy's accent got stronger and stronger as the night progressed.

Over in the Cobble Hill neighborhood (Park Slope), we enjoyed a milkshake at the adorable Farmacy and Soda Fountain. The family-friendliness of the neighborhood was reflected at this retro-style soda fountain serving amazing sodas, ice cream, and lunch. They even have a doo-wop group come in weekly to entertain the little kids eating there. The decor is charming as well. Definitely worth the subway trip!

Though not technically a restaurant, St. Mazie was too cool to omit from this list (and it does have a bar menu). I wandered over there on a Sunday night with a friend to watch the live jazz band play music while professional dancers showed off their swing dancing moves. Obviously I cannot attest to the tastiness of their cocktails, but the entertainment by itself is worth making a visit.

The High Line was my favorite touristy endeavor during our trip (and on this list because their cafe menus looked pretty great, despite its Manhattan location). An old abandoned train line converted into a community park, it provides breathtaking views of Chelsea and the Hudson River. The buildings around the park are odd and futuristic, which goes quite nicely with the sculptures dotted throughout. With plenty of places to sit and relax, this is a wonderful spot to enjoy your coffee or lunch with a view.

Next trip, I am going to make sure I am not pregnant so I can enjoy sushi. Oh, how I miss sushi.

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