Friday, March 20, 2015

the bean

Our most recent picture of the bean is hanging out on our refrigerator, held up by sea glass magnets.

I am incredibly important and have two obstetricians looking out for me. Actually, it's because of what happened with Claire - I am at an elevated risk for preeclampsia recurrence compared to the average woman having her second pregnancy. My general OB is pretty optimistic that history won't repeat itself, though. So we are hopeful that this time around, things won't be so scary. We meet with the high risk OB in a couple weeks. He specializes in preeclampsia specifically, so if he shares my general OB's optimism, I will definitely relax a little.

We had to wait a week after Claire was born to hold her for the first time. Fingers crossed this little one is born big and healthy and full term so the snuggles can start immediately. 

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