Monday, September 30, 2013

what i've been up to

It's certainly been a while, hasn't it? I blame the morning sickness that has persisted for the entirety of this pregnancy thus far and exacerbated by looking at a computer screen. Thankfully, I finally admitted I needed some help and got a prescription for Zofran from my doctor. Thank you modern medicine!

In the past couple months, I haven't really accomplished much, besides continuing to grow a human, taking a wonderful trip to NYC, taking a few small trips throughout Southern CA, and preparing for the arrival of said human as much as I can. I also discovered a fun little iPhone app called Studio App, which is like lazy Photoshop for your phone. I'm using it to make fun little illustrations for an upcoming NYC post. Stay tuned.

Until then, here are just a couple images from the past month or so.

(a woefully outdated 17 week belly shot)

(20 week belly photo taken at 4:30 am, hence the cut off faces)

(i'm reading every pregnancy/parenting book i can get my hands on. even the crazy ones.)

(a sweet surprise gift from The Husband - a pretty diaper bag i had been coveting)

(central park)

(one of the many nursery projects that are current in progress. hardware coming soon)

(the studio app is so fun!)

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