Thursday, November 29, 2012


The Olmstead Homestead consists of: a smug newly married couple and their cat who thinks she's a dog. After working 24/7 for a year to put on our own wedding, we are amazed at not only the huge amounts of free time we now have, but how completely incapable of being unproductive we now are. Hence, this blog.

Reed: The Husband. He will not want anything to do with this blog. Really, he doesn't even have Facebook. But he loves me so he will roll with it (or else). He puts my crazy schemes into action, and is marvelous with a power drill.

Stephanie: The Wife and author of this blog. I am a lazy hippie, except when I have a Grand Idea (usually regarding home projects). Then it's crunch time and no one is allowed to rest until the project is complete. I dream of owning my own home one day in our distressingly expensive city.

Fiona: The Cat Who Thinks She's A Dog. She chases her tail, plays fetch (pathetically but still), and loves to take over the bed while sleeping. Her lack of survival instincts, namely, the fact that she falls down, rolls on her back, and exposes her belly whenever she is startled, cause her to live strictly indoors.

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